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Graphic Design & Branding

Graphic design is where we create the visual material that will represent your business, material is vital for marketing and promotion.

Creating a professional appearance has profound effects for a business, and is the start to building trust with your client base. It starts with a colour, a logo and some type, this is the start of building a brand. Your branding needs to be consistent throughout your print ads, the business cards, your letter drop flyers and even your signage.

At se7en designs we have helped many businesses build their brand over the years, and we would love to hear your ideas for your new business!

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Logo Design

A logo design is much more than a name or an icon. It is a core component of an overall brand identity. We sketch our concepts, tread slowly into digitizing those ideas, use design tools to enrich and enhance prototypes, and consider an entire brand identity to be able to create unique and timeless logos that become etched into the public’s mind.

When finalising a logo we consider placement of logos on stationary, business cards, website signage, clothing and other unexpected locations. We think about the long term use of a logo, and ensure that your logo can withstand the test of time.