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The results of a survey

We hear a lot from business and technology pundits that design is becoming an increasingly important factor in the success of companies, but does that sentiment trickle down to the people actually running small businesses and deciding how much emphasis to place on design work? To find out, 99designs polled 1,500 small business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs and design decision-makers on graphic design and its importance to their business.

The results sent a clear message: small businesses really do care about design, and expect it to become increasingly important to their success in the years ahead.

Small businesses consider design important to their success:

80% of small business owners consider the design of their logos, websites, marketing materials and other branding tools either “very important” or “important” to the success of their companies. Just 3% indicated design is “not important.”

Design will only become more important to business success in coming years:

67% expect graphic design to play an increasingly significant role in business success over the next five years.

Small businesses plan to spend more on graphic design in the coming year:

78% of survey respondents anticipate their companies will spend the same or more on graphic design work in the next year. Only 21% plan to spend less.

Affordability continues to be a factor for small businesses

65% of small business owners said they would pay up to $500 for a new custom logo; 20% indicated they would pay as much as $1,000; and 15% indicated they would spend more than $1,000.

Blue is the colour small business owners most associate with success:

Fifty-seven percent of respondents associate the colour blue with success; the second most cited colour is green (35%) followed by white (32%), black (29%) and red (21%). Purple was the colour male respondents least often associate with success, while women were least likely to select orange. 

Source: 99 Designs

Below is an infographic of the information from the survey.

infographic You can download the full version of the infographic here

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